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GSCV “Be the Light” T-Shirt Fundraiser

We were recently made aware that there has been some perceived overlap of our work with the work that the amazing Nia ShinDigg is doing to inspire good within our community.

We have been in conversation with Nia and have determined that we are both serving with joy and purpose in different platforms and that there has been no trademark or copyright infringement.

The “Be The Light” T-Shirt fundraiser has been a part of Guiding Star Cedar Valley for 3 years, and our organization has been a part of the Cedar Valley for 5 years. The Guiding Star Project was created just over 10 years ago in Minnesota and we are an affiliate of the broader Guiding Star community.

The common slogan simply points to our desire to help all women embrace their natural bodies, their amazing and God-given ability to bear children, and the natural “light” they bring to their families, workplaces, and communities through comprehensive healthcare. Nia is inspiring many others in our community through her “Be Light” mission, mentorship, photography, and more. We are so grateful for her contributions to our greater Cedar Valley community and inspired by how passionately her work is defended.

We are both proud of the work we are doing to bring our community together and will be working together on our future fundraising efforts through this particular campaign so we can assure our designs are different enough for each of our organizations to thrive.

Thank you for your understanding and for your passion for the incredible work happening to make the Cedar Valley community an amazing place to live.

To shop this year’s “Be the Light” T-Shirt Fundraiser, please visit https://guidingstarcedarvalley.square.site/ by July 16th.

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Guiding Star Cedar Valley serves both insured and uninsured women with wholistic healthcare that honors their bodies and minds.

We believe you’re much more than a number or a problem to be solved. Your body and mind are natural wonders. And you deserve healthcare that cares about you.

We’re pioneering the “new norm” in wholistic women’s healthcare in Guiding Star Cedar Valley. As an affiliate of the national Guiding Star Project, we empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies.

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Who We Are

Feel the difference with a wholistic approach to women’s healthcare.

The national Guiding Star Project is rooted in the conviction that women deserve better than the current standard for mainstream women’s medical care.

Because there’s a problem with modern feminine healthcare.

Too many care providers teach women their natural bodies aren’t enough — that they must suppress the natural workings of their bodies and squeeze themselves into societal expectations.

Guiding Star is a wholistic alternative to standard women’s healthcare in Guiding Star Cedar Valley. We meet women on their unique journeys and welcome them into our community with one-stop access to a lifetime of services and resources. Because, though women are capable of being the heroes in their own stories, we all need a guiding star on this journey through life.

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Learn how you can empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies by becoming an affiliate location.

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Upgrade to wholistic women’s healthcare with Guiding Star Cedar Valley

Who We Serve


We serve all women:  teens, women with unplanned pregnancies, women struggling through infertility, those seeking healthcare on another stage of the journey, among so many more.

The Guiding Star Cedar Valley serves women, men, and children with enriching family life services and support.

The national Guiding Star family of women’s healthcare and family resource providers works tirelessly to make our world a more beautiful, natural place. You can help us by donating here.



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