Upgrade to Wholistic, Women-Centric Healthcare at
Guiding Star Cedar Valley

Join a growing community of women on the journey to reclaim natural authority of their own bodies and fertility through body-friendly care.

Natural Fertility & Family Planning

Pregnancy & Childbirth Services

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Services

Family Life

Join the Movement

Guiding Star Cedar Valley serves women with wholistic healthcare that honors their bodies and minds.

We believe you’re much more than a number or a problem to be solved. Your body and mind are natural wonders. And you deserve healthcare that cares about you.

We’re pioneering the “new norm” in wholistic women’s healthcare in Guiding Star Cedar Valley. As an affiliate of the national Guiding Star Project, we empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies.

We can be whole and healthy and integrated.

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