Creighton Model

FertilityCare System

What is the Creighton Model Method?

The Creighton Model of FertilityCare is a simple & accurate way for a woman to track & monitor her menstrual cycles. It uses a standardized approach for women to learn how to look for and record (chart) certain signs her body shows throughout her cycle.

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Listen in as Julie introduces us to the Creighton Model method of FertilityCare.

If you are looking to learn more about NaPro Technology, click below to hear our Lead Practitioner, Amanda Blohn, connect us to the medical aspect of fertility care. 

Why Would You Want to Learn Creighton?

99.5% effective in achieving pregnancy in first 6 months with normal fertility

80% effective in achieving with known infertility through charting & NaPro Technology care

Monitoring and maintaining gynecologic health

Empower yourself with knowledge of how your body works

➳ Gain awareness of your body

➳ Receive accurate diagnosis and treatment of gynecological issues by working with your body instead of just suppressing symptoms

➳ Empower yourself with knowledge of how your body works


We started the Creighton method of charting and found out I had a follicular phase defect right away and needed progesterone supplementation. Their staff was nothing but a blessing to us to help us through this process and help guide us to where we needed to be.

From the support with miscarriages, to the knowledge of what we needed to do, to the smiles as you walk in, I cannot say enough good things about this place! They were there for us from cycle day 1 to our delivery day with our little girl and now beyond. We would not have little Lexi girl today if it weren’t for them!

─ Laurie Lynch ─

The Woman's Cycle

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As women, we deserve to be educated and empowered about how our bodies work. This episode of The Hormone Genius Podcast will be an overview of your fertility cycle, the vital signs of your fertility, and how your hormones work within the menstrual cycle. The goal of The Hormone Genius Podcast, and of Guiding Star Cedar Valley, is to empower every woman to truly know and understand their body and cycle. The host of this podcast is GSCV’s founder, Jamie Rathjen.

How Do I Learn the Creighton Model?

Meet with a Certified Creighton Model Instructor

Introductory Session

What your biomarkers say about your hormone health

What normal and abnormal cycles may look like

Follow Up Sessions

How your menstrual phase changes throughout your life 

How you plan / avoid pregnancy naturally

Why Is This Important?

It has a purpose

A woman’s menstrual cycle is her superpower! Everyone deserves to learn more about it. Your menstrual cycle has purpose and gives insight to how your overall health is!

It is healthy

Synthetic hormonal birth control is common but not normal! Women deserve to know there are natural alternatives such as using a fertility awareness method.

It is empowering

Every time a woman ovulates, she is stronger and has many long term health benefits. Learning how to chart your cycle and understanding your overall health is empowering!

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