Abortion Pill Reversal

If a women has taken mifeprestone, the first pill taken to start a medical abortion, and is second guessing her decision, she can request an abortion pill reversal at our center. Highest success rates are seen when a woman requests this reversal within 24 hours of taking mifepresetone, but some success has been seen up to 72 hours after the ingestion of the first abortion pill, so long as the second pill (misoprostol) has not yet been taken. According to the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “Abortion Pill [Reversal] offers a medically sound choice to attempt to reverse the effects of Mifeprestone and to save their baby.”

You can learn more about Abortion Pill Reversal by visiting this link: Abortion Pill Reversal FAQs

If you need any support, please reach out to us by calling 319-232-2695 or click the link below to email us.

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