Adolescent Body Education

Having a positive experience of womanhood or manhood starts with understanding the biological realities of our physical design. 

We offer an Introduction to Womanhood and Introduction to Manhood in the Mother/Daughter or Father/Son format to help start that conversation with you and your child as they enter puberty. 


“This class empowered both my daughter and I. We left feeling like we could comfortably continue the conversation and it gave us a great launching point to share further together. As a mom, I just felt relieved after I put my daughter to bed last night. I feel one of the most important jobs we have as moms of daughters is to teach them about their femininity and what to expect during puberty. I’ve been worried about it for years, knowing it was coming and hoping to do a good job… thank you for helping me start this conversation. My daughter shared with me that this class made her feel better about herself walking out than she did walking in. Instead of feeling self conscious and weird about herself, she said the class made her love herself more.

Puberty was a time when I lost a lot of confidence. I didn’t realize how special we are as women and didn’t understand the WHY of what was going on in my body. Thank you for reminding us of our worth and also giving the much-needed support to have these conversations and celebrate our femininity together.”                                                                                                                                                          – Mother Daughter Class Participant

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