The problem: Women need alternatives.

The world of women’s healthcare does not currently provide natural, holistic, pro-life, or pro-family care.

Where holistic or life-affirming care is available, it is often hard to find and serves only a small segment of the population.

Women experiencing unplanned or crisis pregnancies often feel isolated and think that abortion is their only feasible option. Resources that they need are often difficult to find and time-consuming to access. Multiple services are rarely located in a single location.

The truth about life and the dignity of women and motherhood should be celebrated in the mainstream!


Our solution: To create alternatives.

Guiding Star Centers will be evident by their empowering atmosphere and the convenience of a ‘one-stop shop’ for all the support women and families need to honor their natural gift of fertility and the important role of motherhood. Guiding Star Cedar Valley will meet the needs of everyday people in holistic, life-affirming ways. We will facilitate cooperation between many providers to better serve women and families in one convenient, professional, welcoming location.



Guiding Star Centers are fundamental to the mission of The Guiding Star Project. Each Center is to be officially affiliated with The Guiding Star Project and will be created by gathering existing pro-woman and pro-life organizations from the community into one shared space. Together, these organizations will offer comprehensive care for women and their families. While the resources found in a center will reflect the unique needs of the community in which it resides, some common elements may include:

  • Prenatal Care – Life-affirming care and natural support for pregnant and postpartum women and their families; this may include medical or midwifery care, doula support, lactation consulting, and perinatal hospice care.
  • Clinical Space – Shared by the pregnancy resource center, care providers, and the birthing center; providing mammograms, STD testing, well-women yearly exams, and as many other family practice services as possible.
  • Natural Family Planning – Training and support for women’s natural fertility care.
  • Drop-In Child Watch AreaA safe, nurturing place for children to play while mothers and families are participating in community classes/support group meetings.
  • Lounge Space and Resource Center – Access to help with school or employment and information about outside resources. A peaceful space for women waiting to receive care, or those who come to the Center just because they need a break from a day of stressful parenting.
  • Community Conference Space – Meeting space available to partner and community organizations.



Natural Law is an ethical principal that governs human behavior. It is based on the idea that our world exists according to a natural order – which can be known by human reason – and that abandonment of this order will result in eventual chaos. Natural Law is the ethical directive for our Mission.



New Feminism is a cultural movement rising in response to the previous wave of feminism that is still prominent in our culture today.

‘Old feminism’ is based on the idea that men and women are interchangeable and that women have been unfairly held back from achieving their potential in society because of their role as mothers in the home.

Women made many positive strides through feminism, but over time, this movement has discouraged women from expressing their natural fertility and choosing motherhood for fear that it will detract from their success in the academic and corporate worlds. Today we see men and women pitted against each other in competition, and women are separated from their very natural desires to welcome others into their care. ‘Women’s rights’ has become a term synonymous with abortion and contraception. Women have been led to believe that they cannot be ‘equal’ or have successful careers if they choose to be mothers. Women are taught that their fertility is a thing to be ‘fixed’ and that family planning is their ‘problem.’

We at The Guiding Star Project embrace the philosophy of New Feminism, a growing movement which crosses many cultural, religious, and political persuasions.

There are many lies spoken to women about their bodies, their talents, and their gift of being created women. New Feminism answers this by viewing femininity through a lens of hope and joy. We honor the unique feminine genius – the way women think, perceive, and love as women– and celebrate that these strengths are compatible with the strengths of others.

We know that true feminine success is measured by a woman’s love for others. Not all women will physically mother children of their own, but we believe that every woman has been created with gifts that can nurture the world. This is the vital contribution every woman must make to build up a culture of life and love.

New Feminism gives positive attention to the female body, honoring and upholding its unique and natural abilities. We believe that women’s bodies are not broken, but are beautifully created, and that they deserve care, respect, and understanding. We reject the idea that a woman’s body must look flawless in order for the woman to be lovable. We uphold that fertility, childbirth, and breastfeeding are natural, healthy biological processes and that knowledge of them empowers women. We are understand the benefits of natural methods of family planning and fertility care and are excited about the medical advancements being made in this area of women’s health care.

New Feminists know that contraception and abortion interrupt natural, healthy biological processes and are not in the best interest of women or their families. We believe that women should not be forced to choose between their children and their education or careers. We support women who courageously choose to embrace motherhood in Our Team