2024 Spring Appeal

New Date:
April 8th-22nd

At Guiding Star Cedar Valley, we believe it is important to give women access to services that give them the professional support they need to understand and embrace their naturally beautiful bodies. We are an affiliate of the Guiding Star Project who is on a mission to provide women with an elevated, life-affirming healthcare experience from those early days of puberty all the way through post-menopause.

Our center is a part of a national network that is protecting women's purpose through body and fertility awareness, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, motherhood, and menopause care. With our continued growth here in the Cedar Valley, we are reaching capacity with the increasing demand for our services in our local community. We need more staff, more space, and more financial resources to help us serve more women and families!

This year’s theme is Empower Embrace Enrich: Back to our Roots. We are digging back into our history and seeing the leaps and bounds our organization has come since it’s conception in 2016. We will look back on where we have grown, the people we have had the privilege to serve, and the impact it will have on future generations.

Empower. Embrace. Enrich.

Client Testimonials

Read these beautiful stories of women who walked through trials, heartache, and hopelessness, only to come out on the other end with support, community, and healthcare that dignifies their minds, bodies and spirits.

" I think it’s so important that women who are and have experienced miscarriages have someone to speak to so they feel less alone. Losing a baby makes you feel lost, confused, vulnerable, and wonder "why me?!?" I think openly speaking with others about their experience makes women feel less isolated during this challenging time. Even though these women may have others close to them sometimes others may say things that unintentionally can be hurtful. When Guiding Star provides a support person, it allows the woman an opportunity to begin the healing process by opening up and sharing her story and experiences. I hope these women have feeling of support and encouragement during a time that feels dark and lonely. "

Laura Edwards

 1 in 4 women experience miscarriage

Since 2019, we have walked with 112 women on the journey of experiencing loss. Loss of their little one, loss of their identity, loss of what they thought their life would look like. 

Need someone to listen? We are here for mother, father, or any family member who has experienced such a loss. 

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  1,115 children     served in childwatch

Lack of childcare is now being recognized as a significant barrier to accessing medical care. Through our childwatch, we have served over 1,100 children, so their mother and caregivers can obtain the healthcare they need such as mental health counseling, prenatal appointments, fertility care appointments and more. 
"I've been very blessed by childwatch as I juggle therapy and prenatal appointments while being a stay-at-home mom to a toddler. Weekly therapy became a necessity for me after a relational crisis, but finding someone to watch my toddler on a weekly basis has been challenging. Through childwatch Guiding Star provides a safety net as I navigate this busy season. It allows me to never worry that I'm going to have to cancel or reschedule an appointment because I can't find someone to watch my toddler."

Kaitlyn P.

"I cannot thank Guiding Star and Fiat Family Medicine enough. We went from having 2 miscarriages back to back to 3 beautiful little children under 3. We would not be where we are today without them. It was the emails when I needed them, the phone calls, the hugs, the laughter, the comfort, the classes, the referrals, the follow ups. The support we received in all that helped get us to where we are today. Everyone should be fortunate enough to receive this level of care. Since I have opened up about my journey, I hear it all too often how people are struggling. It hurts me to know that other people have to go through the pain that we did; not hearing that heartbeat, not having the support for someone to tell you that every baby counts. No one being there to tell you that you are strong, or to ask you how your delivery went and actually follow up, or even outside resources when you need them. I couldn't imagine not having that now."

Laurie Lynch

912 women pregnancy and postpartum support

Since 2019, we have walked with over 900 women through their pregnancies and support through their postpartum time. Imagine the impact this has… 900 women, 900 babies, 900 times women felt empowered, strong, and confident that they can take on motherhood with a better outlook on how to care for their family. This impact will provide ripples for generations to come. 
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Are you feeling called to sponsor?! We are so grateful for those who have sponsored our Spring Appeals throughout the last couple years. These sponsorships greatly encourage more donors to give and we cannot thank them enough for the commitment they have to our mission. 

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We are excited to share these amazing prize packages from local businesses in our community! More information to come!!